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We are hiring

Whether you are a Czech citizen or foreigner, we are looking for a driver with valid driving license for groups C+E. If you don’t possess this driving license, we can provide all necessary proprieties. Starting bonus 5000 Kč.

Since year 1991

Company Solotrans spol. s r.o. was founded in year 1991 and since then is considered to be one of the best logistics companies in the Zlín region.

Over-sized transport

We offer logistics solutions for over-sized loads, whose dimensions are bigger than usual. We can ensure all necessary permissions and support vehicles.

Refrigerator loads

Our fleet contains refrigerator trucks, which are suitable for goods, which need temperatures below the normal wind temperature or even frozen.

Freight loads

Company Solotrans spol. s r. o. has tautliners, which are perfect for most types of goods.


99% of all our transports a year are delivered on time or even earlier than it was agreed in the order.

The company Solotrans spol. s r.o. was founded in 1991 by Mr. Oldřich Solanský. The company was focused mainly on the Balcan area and the focus hasn’t changed since. We are one of the top companies in Czech Republic, which provides logistics solution between either Czech Republic and Germany or Czech Republic and Balcan region..

In 2000 the company relocated itself to the new logistics hall in Zádveřice, which now serves mainly as a service point for trucks. Two cranes and fuel station were also built in this facility. Currently the company Solotrans spol. s r.o. holds a fleet, which contains around 35 trucks. Most of these trucks are IVECO brand. The company has wide range of trucks designated for all kinds of loads. The most common trucks are box trucks and tautliners, but the company has also flat bed trailers, which are perfect for transporting over-sized loads.

The company Solotrans spol. s r.o. cooperates closely with company Fagus a.s. and provides exclusive transport of modules to Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland, from which modular buildings can be built.

Solotrans spol. s r. o.

Zádveřická 417 | Želechovice - Lípa | Česká Republika
Tel.: +420 602 740 274 | E-mail: solotrans@solotrans.cz
IČO: 13694995 | DIČ: CZ13694995